Newcomers for next year?

Posted: 14/7/2005 in:

It looks as though Armenia may be making their Eurovision debut next year. According to the website ESC Today, Armenia became an active member of the European Broadcasting Union last week – which countries need to be able to take part in the contest – and is very keen to take part in the 2006 event in Athens.

But they’re not the only ones looking to make their mark on the Eurovision stage. The former Soviet state of Georgia has also become an active member of the EBU and as such is also eligible to join the contest. And although their participation has yet to be confirmed, they’re so eager to take part they’re already making plans to select what would be their first ever entry.

Of course the withdrawal of Austria from next year’s contest leaves 38 countries from this year’s line-up on the participant list for 2006. And given that a maximum of 40 countries are allowed to take part, there’s scope for both the potential newcomers to step into the Eurovision fray.

All of which would leave just a tiny minority of European nations who have yet to take part in the contest. In fact, Team Eurovision can only think of three – namely, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic and San Marino. And we’re convinced we’ve missed someone out. Can anybody enlighten us?