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Song: Congratulations Iceland
Artist: Silvia Night
And so we come to the last song in the semi-final – and if you thought the 2006 contest had enough eccentrics, what with Lordi, LT United and Bulgaria’s strange wailing transvestite, rest assured you ain’t seen nothing yet. For Iceland – one of Team Eurovision’s favourite countries, and long overdue a victory as far as we’re concerned – is another nation that seems to have its tongue wedged firmly in its cheek this year. To that end they have given us Silvia Night – who isn’t even a real person, rather the grotesque creation of actress August Eva Erlendsdottir. The star of a spoof reality TV show, Silvia sprang to small screen fame thanks to her unorthodox style of interviewing guests on the programme – and the character now labours under the misapprehension she’s one of the most famous people in the world (imagine a cross between Dennis Pennis and Chantelle from Celebrity Big Brother and you’ll get the idea). And true to form, she’s now out to conquer Eurovision – complete with a catchy little number which assures us that she’s destined to win the contest since she is clearly the best. It’s already raised a few eyebrows thanks to lyrics which include, it seems, the first ever use of fruity language in Eurovision – when she assures us ‘the vote is in, I’ll f-ing win, too bad for all the others’ – to say nothing of the point when she has a conversation with God, related entirely to her own brilliance. But in a year when the contest is full of colourful characters, just how does Silvia compare? Well, the first time we heard this it was in Icelandic so we just didn’t get it (despite being rather taken with the inevitably OTT performance), but that’s all changed since the new English translation became available. It follows the same sort of pattern as the Lithuanian entry in terms of extolling its virtues – but while Lithuania is just too blatant and obvious for its own good, Congratulations Iceland is spot-on, as much a send-up of the whole Eurovision phenemonon as it is a tribute to Silvia’s ego. Even the song itself, a kind of sub-Britney Spears pop tune, isn’t bad. By rights something this mad really shouldn’t work, but the odd thing is it does – and while we don’t think Silvia’s prophecies of victory will come true, she could find herself doing rather well.
For It: The popularity of this kind of thing in Eurovision should never be under-estimated – let’s not forget how well the likes of Guildo Horn, Stefan Raab and Alf Poier have done in recent years. And if the national final performance is anything to go by, Silvia will provide a memorable finish to the semi-final complete with outlandish costumes (we’re hoping that the blue flouncy thing from the video makes an appearance) and backing dancers whose trousers have a habit of falling off. We reckon her chances of making the final are looking good.
Against It: It might have been translated into English, but will audiences get the joke? Silvia could be in trouble if her satiric lyrics fall flat on the night, while others may be put off if the swearing stays intact. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen – the final would be a poorer place without Ms Night.

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